Top 10 Parenting Tips

  1. establish good sleeping habits
  2. establish good behavior
  3. establish good nutrition
  4. establish an active life style
  5. establish good self-esteem
  6. establish a love of learning
  7. establish good decision making
  8. establish open child-parent relations
  9. establish guidelines for use of electronic devices
  10. establish time for yourself


Good Sleeping Habits

All living things need rest. This is true for all ages. Although the number of hours of sleep needed varies by individuals, parents must ensure that their child has enough sleep time. This means you want to have a routine where your child will wake up by himself after they had enough rest. This is somewhat difficult because it could mean the child wakes up before you want to wake up. Guess what, good parenting is not easy! Get yourself in bed early so you won’t be tired if your child wakes you up before the alarm.  It is important to instill good sleeping habits in babies, maintain them through a child’s early years and continue to enforce them during adolescence.
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